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Online courses created by professional hand-balancers.

Our courses are suited both for those who have never tried any kind of handstand training and simply want to improve their balance, flexibility, focus and strength, but also for anyone who wants to pursue more advanced, and highly precise balancing techniques, such as the ever elusive one-arm handstand.

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Beginner • $79

The beginner’s course introduces the practitioner to the basics of controlling the body while in an inverted position. This is the course where the main foundation for adequate body-tension, flexibility and strength is established.

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Intermediate • $99

In the intermediate course we continue building upon the foundation established in the beginner’s course, while adding more challenging movements such as presses and taking the first steps towards the one-arm handstand.

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Advanced • $199

The advanced program is the real deal. It is fully focused on developing and solidifying one-arm balancing and consists mostly of one-armed handstand variations, such as flags, one-arm presses and jumps.

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Hand-balancing practice is one of the most fascinating tools for developing increased and profound body awareness.

From a purely physiological point of view, it is the prolonged full body contractions, and the time spent under tension that make it unique among any form of physicality.

The ‘upside down’ nature of hand-balancing and the fact that the practitioner can only see their own hands while standing upside down, while the rest of the body is being felt through movement into highly precise alignment in order to hold still positions, makes it that much more unusual.

Its non-reliance on place, equipment or other people is another thing that makes hand-balancing quite unique. It follows you wherever you go. Always there with you when you need it. A companion, an assistant, a teacher. And there are few teachers that will teach you as much about patience, perseverance, resilience and focus as hand-balancing will.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will hand-balancing get me ripped?

It depends on many factors. How many hours a day you train, how much conditioning you’re doing or the amount of food you eat or move around in general. It can certainly make you strong, but if simply getting ripped is your goal, there are much easier ways to achieve your desired results.

For those looking for increasing overall body awareness and a more mindful way to move, it is an exceptional tool.

Do you have a money back Guarantee?

If you for any reason can’t access the videos and teaching material after payment, you are entitled to a refund.

However, simply because the course was too hard or ‘wasn’t for you’, we do not have a money back guarantee. Our methods have been tried and tested by generations of balancers. You put in the hours, they work. Simple as that.

Do I need to be athletic to be able to do the exercises?

Not necessarily. The beginner’s course is designed for those who have absolutely no previous experience. We provide you with a large number of mobility and flexibility drills to prepare your body for the actual balancing exercises. However, we still encourage you to check in with your physician before trying any of the drills. For those with some degree of body awareness and past or present experience with physical exercise, it must be understood that you assume all the risks associated with engaging in any physical activity via our tutorial.

The only prerequisite is that you are healthy and have no underlying injuries or illnesses that could make balancing practice dangerous for you. As long as those conditions are met, hand-balancing is a fairly low-risk activity.

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